Welcome on Diy-Stompbox.com

Here you find all you need for bulding your own clone of famous stompboxes. We provide full kits with all material and documentation, all available as "built from scratch kits" or partly pre-assembled kits for beginners. We offer all components as single units if you like to experiment with the stompboxes a little bit.

We know the trouble spots!
Therefore we deliver all our kits with a drilled, ready to use aluminium case. All kits contain really all parts you need to build a full stompbox. Starting from the first resistor to the jacks and switches.

You do not like soldering or just simply do not have enough time,
but still like to build a stompbox?
No problem. We have the right kits for you! Our pre-assembled kits have a totally finished pcb which is testet. You only have to do the last steps and get it into the case.

Modifications? No problem!
Everyboday has special needs and tasts so not every tone will match. We delivery all kits where possibble with extra components to modify the stompbox. All modification is a development! So feel free to try out some new things. You can send us your modifications if you like to care your developments with others.

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